• ANNUAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE – Judge Shannon Bruno Bishop, Chair

Mission: Manages all logistical and practical operations of the annual Judiciary College, including assembly of nametags and registration bags, organization of social activities, and handling of PowerPoint presentations and other technical issues.

Committee Members: Judges Michael Alvey, Melodie Belcher, Yuannie Arroyo Casillas, Timothy Conner, Jennifer Hopens, Catrice Johnson-Reid, Sheral Kellar, David Langham, Wesley Marshall, Sylvia Medina-Shore, Bruce Moore, Jennifer Nicaud, Neal Pitts, Dana Plunkett, and Jack Weiss

  • BOOT CAMP COMMITTEE –  Judge Pamela B. Johnson, Chair

Mission:  Develops the agenda and content for the annual New Judges’ Boot Camp, including managing all logistical and practical operations

Committee Members: Judges Michael Alvey, Timothy W. Conner, William Culbreth, Doug Gott, Robert Himmel, Jennifer Hopens, Bruce Moore, and Ken Switzer.

  • CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – Judge Kenneth Switzer, Chair

Mission: Creates the agenda and curriculum for the annual Judiciary College, including recruiting speakers and assembling written materials

Committee Members: Judges Michael Alvey, Shannon Bruno, William Culbreth, Sheral Kellar, David Langham, Wesley Marshall, Bruce Moore, Neal Pitts, and David Torrey

  • MOOT COURT COMMITTEE – Judge Wesley Marshall, Chair

Mission: Coordinates NAWCJ’s participation in the E. Earle Zehmer Moot Court Competition held annually in conjunction with the Judiciary College

Committee Members: Judges Robert Himmel, Ray Holley, Melodie James, and Thomas Sculco

  • SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE – Judge Jennifer Hopens, Chair

Mission:  Administers scholarships for attendance at the annual Judiciary College and other educational events, including reviewing applications, setting deadlines, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors

Committee Members: Judges Melodie Belcher, Yuannie Arroyo Casillas, Suzette Carlisle Flowers, Thomas H. Perlungher, and Jack Weiss

  • GKTW SERVICE PROJECT – Judge Suzette Carlisle, Chair

Mission:  Recruits and coordinates NAWCJ’s participation in WCI’s efforts to benefit Give Kids The World, a nonprofit that fulfills the wishes of critically ill children and their families

Committee Members:  Judge Bruce Moore and Judge Sheral Kellar have graciously volunteered to help with this effort.  Judge Carlisle will also speak to other judges who have been involved with the project to learn from their experience. All Board members are invited to participate!

  • LEX AND VERUM COMMITTEE – Judge LuAnn Haley and Judge Doug Gott, Co-chairs

Mission:  Develops and produces NAWCJ’s monthly newsletter, Lex & Verum, including the writing and solicitation of articles, proofreading, and layout

  • WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIAJudge Josh Baker, Chair

Mission:  Monitors the content and appearance of NAWCJ’s website and manages the Association’s presence on other social media platforms

  • COLLABORATION COMMITTEE: Judge Scott Beck, Chair

Mission:  Coordinates with other workers’ compensation organizations with which NAWCJ shares common members, for example, SAWCA, IAIABC, and CWCL, for education and outreach opportunities and to avoid duplication of efforts

Committee Members: Judges Karl Aumann, Debbie Blevins, Luann Haley, Deneise Lott, and Wesley Marshall

  • RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE – Judge Sharon Reeves

Responsible for growth of NAWCJ membership and attendance at the annual College and other events through outreach to individual adjudicators, workers’ compensation agencies, and their chief executives

Members: Judges Frank R. McKay and Jennifer Nicaud

  • LONG -RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE – Judge Steven Minicucci and Judge Dana Plunkett, Co-chairs

Develops a long-term vision for the Association and recommends the practical steps necessary to achieve that vision

Members: Judges Scott Beck, Shannon Bruno, Jennifer Hopens, Pamela B. Johnson, David Langham, and Bruce Moore