The National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary

An organization dedicated to judicial education.

The National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary

The mission of the association is to provide educational forums for the workers’ compensation judiciary concerning issues that are unique to this system of justice. Emphasis is placed on providing an educational source and national forum that will enhance the ability of workers’ compensation judges on a national scale to deal with a commonality of issues, regardless of the substantive laws of the different states.

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Educational Opportunities

Our organization (The NAWJC) is designed to provide educational opportunities exclusively for the workers’ compensation judiciary at the trial or appellate level. Designed to enhance justice within the workers’ compensation system, regardless of state or jurisdiction, the association is coordinated and overseen by members of the judiciary directly responsible for the adjudication of workers’ compensation matters.

Judiciary College

It is the desire of the association to work with other educationally based groups for the purpose of providing leadership in promoting justice within the workers’ compensation system. NAWCJ sponsors, in partnership with other organizations, the National Workers’ Compensation Judiciary College in conjunction with the annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference (established in 1949, which currently attracts approximately 9,000 attendees).

Judicial Resources For Every State

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Current President and Executive Officers


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Hon. Sheral C. Kellar | President

Louisiana Workforce Commission

Scott Beck | President-Elect

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission

Hon. Pamela B. Johnson | Past-President

Tennessee Court of Workers' Compensation Claims

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