College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Induction of 2024 Fellows

By Hon. Shannon Bruno Bishop
Louisiana Workforce Commission
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


On March 16, 2024, The College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers inducted its 2024 Class at the Union League Club in Chicago, Illinois.  Among the honored inductees were three of our NAWCJ members, Judge Meg G. Kerr (Miami, FL) , Judge Daniel A. Lewis (Lauderdale Lakes, FL), and Judge Erik B. Grindal (Sarasota, FL).  Judge Kerr has served as a Judge of Compensation claims since 2013.  Prior to her appointment, she practiced as a workers’ compensation attorney in Miami for twenty years.  Judge Lewis has served the Florida community for thirty-five years.  In 2015, he was awarded the inaugural Vance B. Moore Professionalism Award by the Broward County Bar Association.  Judge Grindal has practiced since 1998 and fills the judicial seat in the Sarasota District.





William McRae “Captain Mayheem” speaks to the audience.










               NAWCJ President Sheral Kellar was on hand to congratulate our NAWCJ members and new CWCL Fellows.







During the Induction Dinner, the CWCL honored Sir Henry Morgan (1635 – 1688) as its 2024 Legend.  Captain Morgan, more popularly known as the namesake for a popular brand of rum, is less know for what he did for the field of workers’ compensation.  Captain Morgan created the first modern written system of recompense by providing gold and other valuables to his crew for their injuries, loss of limbs, or death.  He provided monetary payments based on the injury or loss suffered by the privateer (pirate).  Captain Morgan’s philosophy was that if you take care of your people, they will be loyal to you.  The 2024 Legend’s Award was accepted by William McRea aka “Captain Maheem” from the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum.

Commissioner Michael Brennan, of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, also a 2024 Inductee, gave the keynote speech.  The speech was riveting and provided a historical background of how workers’ compensation has evolved.  Commissioner Brennan also quoted President Theodore Roosevelt, who was honored as the 2023 CWCL Legend.  In his speech to Congress regarding the Railway Act, President Roosevelt said “The entire burden of the accident falls on the helpless man, his wife, and his young children.”  He said, “Exactly as the working man is entitled to his wages, so should he be entitled to indemnity for the injuries sustained in the natural course of his labor.”  The CWCL Induction Dinner was such a wonderful event.  Attendees marveled in the beauty of the ballroom and works of art at the Union League Club in Chicago, but most of all, we were able to receive a historical and interesting summation on the evolution of workers’ compensation in our country.  Once again, I wish a huge congratulations to our NAWCJ judges who were inducted as CWCL Fellows and thank them for what they are doing for the field of workers’ compensation.